Nathan R. Johnson (composer)

Hello! My name is Nathan Johnson, and welcome to my website. I a musician who compose new music.


A Tall Tale

by Nathan R. Johnson

"A Tall Tale" for string orchestra. Performed by the Northwest Symphony Orchestra and students from Madison Middle School. Anthony Spain, conductor.

Program Notes

A Tall Tale is just that--an over-the-top account of some past adventure, told with the philosophy that it's better to be interesting than accurate. The specific details of this tale are not important, but we all know the basic story line: Once upon a time in the Old West there was a hero. And where there's a hero, there's also a villain. This, of course, leads to an epic confrontation--usually on a moving train, it seems--followed by a (hopefully!) triumphant conclusion.

I envisioned this piece as the soundtrack to an old-time western film, hoping that the audience would have fun "watching" their own version of the tale unfold in their imagination as the music played.

A Tall Tale was commissioned by the Biola Youth String Orchestra. Also performed by the Biola Symphony Orchestra, Abotsford Youth Symphony, and I Artisti Youth Orchestra.